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South Turkey Creek Drive Cross Culvert

Evergreen, Colorado


Jefferson County Engineering Dept


Evergreen Shop Maintenance Crews



The Jefferson County Engineering Department worked with Evergreen Shop Maintenance Crews to find a pipe to use as a liner for an existing concrete box culvert.

The Aluminized Steel Type 2 (ALT2) ULTRA FLO Pipe Arch was manufactured to specific dimensions, and was the chosen pipe for the liner of this concrete box culvert. This non-standard size fit into an existing failing concrete structure. Shorter pipe lengths were utilized due to the small amount of right-of-way available.

Contech ULTRA FLO Pipe has many years of proven performance on municipal, transportation, airport, shopping center, and residential development storm sewer projects. ULTRA FLO’s rapid acceptance is based on its Manning’s “n” of 0.012, structural strength, and faster and more cost-effective installation than concrete pipe. ULTRA FLO is available in a wide variety of materials to meet environmental and service life requirements.

Technical Description:

  • Products Used:
  • 62 LF 53-in. x 41-in.ALUMINIZED ULTRA FLO Pipe Arch used as liner for a concrete box culvert

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