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Shoppes at Cypress Creek

Land O’ Lakes, Florida


Paradise Ventures


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Cypress Gulf


April 2020

Technical Description:

3,843’ of 41" Aluminized Steel Type 2

As development continues along the State Road 54 corridor in Pasco County, Florida, the availability of commercial properties is declining. As land values continue to increase, so does the need to maximize usable land space. As a result, more developers are turning to underground facilities to meet their project's stormwater management design objectives.

In addition to a 1.13-acre outparcel, the development includes 18,300 square feet of retail and restaurant space, which requires more than 150 spaces to meet the parking requirement. To achieve these objectives, the stormwater system needed to be provided underground since there was no space available for a surface pond.

After considering other systems, Contech’s perforated pipe solution proved to be the most cost-effective. Contech’s Variable Diameter design strategy optimizes system efficiency by allowing the engineer to design to the minimum cover threshold.This strategy also minimizes the amount of inefficient, expensive stone. Contech’s perforated pipe does not require stone for structural strength and only uses stone to allow the stormwater to exit the pipe, interface with the soil, and percolate into the ground. The design section for this project proposed no stone below the pipe, and only 3” of stone above the pipe. 

As the construction phase neared, Contech representatives held a pre-construction meeting with the site contractor to review the installation process and coordinate the installation schedule. During construction, Contech representatives were onsite to ensure proper installation and support the contractor’s efforts.

Technical Description:

3,843’ of 41" Aluminized Steel Type 2

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