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Seward Highway

Seward, Alaska


State of Alaska


Alaska Department of Transportation


Herndon Thompson


August 2000

Contech worked with the Alaska DOT to extend an existing structure supplied by Contech in 1976. The project aimed to realign the road for improved safety and visibility. A value-engineered proposal was presented to the State by the contractor and Contech to eliminate elbows in the new structure in order to accommodate a curved track.

The proposal included skew cutting the end of the new structure to be attached to the existing structure headwall, with the connection being made with a reinforced concrete collar. End treatment of the new end consisted of a Metric Sheeting headwall and Bin-Wall™ Type 1 wingwalls. Peninsula Construction, of Kenai, Alaska, provided the assembly and backfill for Herndon and Thompson on this live track.


Technical Description:

  • Span: 27 ft - 3 in
  • Rise: 25 ft - 6 in
  • Length: 91 ft - 10 in
  • Product: MULTI-PLATE®

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