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Rusk County Fish Passage

Rusk County, Minnesota


Rusk County


Rusk County Land & Water Conservation District


Rusk County Wildlife Restoration Association



The Rusk County Land and Water Department and the Wildlife Restoration Association were looking for an alternative to conventional culvert crossings that would be more suitable for fish passage and lead to better stream hydrology. They chose to use Contech’s Aluminum Structural Plate arches with aluminum footing pads due to the ease of installation and low cost.

The structures help maintain the natural trapezoidal channel that most streams maintain in the wild. This helps to keep the same velocity and bed conditions as the stream itself, permitting easy access for native species. These structures were put to the true test soon after installation when the area experienced 12” to 18” of rain. The open bottom structures held up successfully, though numerous culverts in the area were washed out.  

Technical Description:

  • Span: 12 ft - 16 in
  • Rise 6 ft - 8 in
  • Product: ALSP

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