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Roripaugh Ranch

Temecula, California


Ashby USA


David Evans and Associates


Riverside Construction


2005 and 2006

Three CON/SPAN® structures, all double-cell 36’ spans, became part of Roripaugh Ranch, an 800-acre master planned community in Temecula, California. The precast structures were subject to strict requirements from the Army Corps of Engineers, the San Diego Regional Water Quality Board and the California Department of Fish & Game, as well as Riverside County Flood Control and the City of Temecula approvals.

Civil engineer David Evans & Associates had originally planned for four arch culvert crossings, but Riverside County Flood Control asked the developer to connect them to avoid open soft-bottomed channel in between two hard-bottomed culverts.

A total of 352 arch units were provided for the three structures. The longest, curved structure was also under 18’ of fill and required a thickened section to accommodate the extreme dead loads. In addition, 192 units of the total 252 on the largest structure were on a slight skew to accommodate the curved alignment.

The construction team was able to install 54 units in a single day, and placed an average of 50 units a day over the next four.


Technical Description:

  • Span: 36 ft (3 - twin cell)
  • Rise: 11 ft
  • Length: 166 ft, 131 ft, 644 ft

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