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Pleasant Valley Road

Boone County, Kentucky


Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 6


Gresham Smith and Partners


Central Bridge


Fall 2010, Spring 2012

Technical Description:

  • Span: 20 ft
  • Rise: 9 ft

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) District 6 needed to improve safety and increase capacity of the existing two-lane Pleasant Valley/KY237 road in Boone County, Kentucky. KYTC worked with Gresham Smith and Partners (GS & P) to find a solution. In the mid 2000’s, KYTC funding issues halted the project but the project then continued when KYTC chose an alternative approach to reduce construction costs while still addressing the project purpose and need. This was part of their Practical Solutions Initiative.

The KYTC and GS & P developed a revised typical section that reduced the proposed pavement width while still maintaining safety and capacity and providing the necessary pedestrian and bicycle access. The important aspect of the revised typical section was that the original overall roadway footprint was maintained, minimizing the need to revise the project right-of- way and, in turn, allowed the project to be qualified for ARRA funding.

In order to keep the project within budget, the KYTC needed a bridge structure that would result in reduced construction costs. A 20 ft x 9 ft CON/SPAN was chosen for the installation because its innovative, economical design stood apart from any other system and it also enabled for fast, set-in-place construction. The CON/SPAN bridge system reduced construction cost when compared to the cast-in-place box culvert alternative.

The KYTC and GS & P also explored additional cost saving opportunities, including alternative pavement designs, construction methods and materials.

The CON/SPAN was constructed in 2 phases. Phase I was built in Fall of 2010 and Phase II is scheduled for Spring of 2012. With the KYTC pushing and GS&P working almost non-stop, Phase I of the project was delivered on time. The KY 237 project construction estimate was reduced by $3.3 million and was also the final ARRA funded highway project awarded in Kentucky during 2010.


Technical Description:

  • Span: 20 ft
  • Rise: 9 ft

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