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Philadelphia Premium Outlets

Limerick Township, Pennsylvania


Bohler Engineering


B&J Excavating


March 15, 2007

An upscale outlet center in Limerick Township, Pennsylvania, opened in November 2007. The 430,000 square-foot center is a single-level, village-style facility with a colonial American architectural theme.

The center needed several structures to provide roadway access both within and around the outlets. Since open-bottom structures were specified, Consulting Engineer Bohler Engineering selected three MULTI-PLATE structures for the driveways within the complex and two CON/SPAN precast structures for the publicly dedicated roads. The structures were installed to provide both practical and aesthetic bridge solutions.

The plate bottomless arches were completed using several combinations of wingwall systems. Though these structures are typically designed with cast-in-place wingwalls, two of the plate structures were installed with the CON/SPAN precast wingwall system. Use of this system was chosen in lieu of the cast-in-place walls to maximize both time and cost efficiency.

One of the MULTI-PLATE structures was faced with Keystone® segmented retaining wall blocks. Developers chose the Keystone system because it best fit visually with the architectural theme established for the center. General Contractor B&J Excavating installed all of the structures within a few weeks of each other.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 16 ft, 14 ft, 16 ft
  • Rise: 8 ft - 4 in, 7 ft - 3 in, 8 ft - 4 in
  • Length: 70 ft, 48 ft, 96 ft

  • Span: 16 ft, 24 ft
  • Rise: 8 ft, 6 ft
  • Length: 88 ft, 100 ft

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