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PH3 River Water Intake - C5/C6 Blast Furnaces at ArcelorMittal

Cleveland, Ohio

Reline / Rehabilitation


ArcelorMittal USA – Cleveland Works


RE Warner & Associates


G.C. Great Lakes Construction Company


October 2013

ArcelorMittal Cleveland is one of the most productive steel manufacturing facilities in the world. It is strategically located by the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio, and has stood on this site since 1913. There are two blast furnaces - C5/C6 that feed two steelmaking facilities capable of producing 3.8 million tons of raw steel annually.

When ArcelorMittal noticed that a 60” diameter reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) was separating at the joints at the PH3 river water intake, they knew an emergency replacement or repair would be necessary. In order not to disrupt the the high-volume production demands placed on the manufacturing facilities, they asked R.E. Warner & Associates to use a repair that would not interrupt the continuous flow that ran through the structure.

The type of repair needed for this particular project posed some challenges. The first was that the reline pipe would need to be able to handle continuous pressure. The second was that the opening would have to be maximized to maintain the hydraulic requirements. The project contractor, G.C. Great Lakes Construction Company, turned to Contech Engineered Solutions knowing that Contech had several reline solutions available and would help to determine what might best suit their needs.

Contech suggested they use InnerFlow® Pipe Systems - a rehabilitation solution that utilizes a solid, smooth wall high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe. The pipe’s precise dimensioning creates a much tighter sealing joint than comparable reline products and would withstand the pressure requirements. Contech worked with Indiana Reline to help assist with the installation process. Everything was delivered to the site and the 54” diameter InnerFlow was slip lined directly into the existing, failing RCP using the dual push-face which allowed more linear footage to be pushed into the existing pipe. The entire project took one week to complete.

Technical Description:

  • Product: InnerFlow® DR 32.5 Pipe
  • Diameter: 54-in. 
  • Length: 500 LF

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