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Panda Express

Milton, Florida


CFT NV Developments, LLC 


Ingenium Enterprises, Inc. 


Chavers Construction, Inc. 


July 2018

Technical Description:

  • 1,754’ LF of 60” perforated Aluminized Steel Type 2

The expansion of Panda Express called for the construction of a new location US Hwy 90 in Pace, Florida.

The original design proposed a chamber system and surface pond to provide stormwater management. The project was over budget and the contractor was interested in an alternative, less expensive solution.The contractor has worked with Contech on other projects and asked what we could propose as an alternate.We presented our perforated aluminized pipe as an alternate to the originally specified 45” plastic chambers.

The original chamber design required stone extend 9” below and 12” above the chambers to enhance the system’s storage capacity. This project is located in a region where stone is very expensive due to the freight distance, so a solution that utilized less stone would provide significant cost savings.

Contech engineers utilized the advantages available with our perforated pipe.These include reduced minimum cover and the ability to minimize the quantity of stone. Contech perforated pipe requires only 12” of minimum cover compared to the 24” required for the 60” chamber solution. Contech’s reduced minimum cover allows the design to optimize the vertical storage potential, which results in a more efficient and cost-effective design.

While the Contech’s system components were less expensive than the chamber system components, the more significant factor was the stone savings.The Contech system reduced the quantity of stone by approximately 25%, which contributed to the project to being constructed within budget.

Technical Description:

  • 1,754’ LF of 60” perforated Aluminized Steel Type 2

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