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Newington Power Center

Newington, Connecticut


Fuss & O’Neill, Inc.



Technical Description:

  • 9 VortSentry® units
  • CMP detention
  • 6000 LF of 72” diameter pipe manufactured by a MOBILE PIPE ® modular mill 

Located on the Newington, Connecticut, town line, beside the Berlin Turnpike, the Newington Power Center is a large parcel of land that was developed in the early 1990’s. It has been performing poorly for over a decade despite housing stores like Caldor’s and Toys R Us.

Things are now changing for the better. The Newington Power Center is filling up with new establishments. The Caldor’s has been converted to a Stew Leonard’s and a space vacant for nearly 15 years is now going to be a Sam’s Club.

The design of the plaza is not a typical mall layout. It is in a low lying area below the Berlin Turnpike. The apparent visibility problem may have been a contributing factor for the business slump the plaza has been in. But a store the size of Sam’s Club should have no problems attracting customers.

The Challenge

The previous owners of the property had put in three manmade ponds to handle stormwater runoff but with all the changes happening above ground at the Newington Power Center, the entire site needed an environmental upgrade.

In order to maximize the land available for the new Sam’s Club and its parking lot, one of the man-made ponds has been replaced with an underground detention system from Contech. The CMP detention system for this site will be the largest installed system in the state. It will handle stormwater runoff from the properties northwest of the Berlin Turnpike as well as the adjacent plaza properties.

Fuss & O’Neill, Inc., in Manchester, CT, is the consulting engineering firm working on the project. Andrew Carrier, project manager, is familiar with Contech from previous projects and sought out their expertise. Newington Power Center

Contech helped to ensure that the new system design would meet all permitting standards set by the CT DEP by providing the proper documentation for the project submittal package.

The flow rates had to be accurately matched to the preexisting pond area. Carrier states, “Part of the site development process includes proving that what you are doing is not affecting anything down or upstream. The new system had to be modeled so that people living in the area will not be adversely affected by stormwater associated with the development.”

Carrier adds, “We’re putting pipe in place of one of the ponds, so the pond had to be drained. We needed to make sure it was no longer accepting flow before the CMP could go in the ground.” The base for the detention system had to meet all geo-technical requirements, and despite a challenging permitting process, the site preparation for the system was a success. This was no small feat for a system that requires 6000 LF of 72” CMP.

The Solution

Besides the sheer size of the detention system, another interesting aspect of this project is the Contech MOBILE PIPE®. The MOBILE PIPE® is ideal for this site because there are restricted traffic patterns. It provides fast and cost effective on-site steel pipe manufacturing. It’s designed to be a self-supporting factory that can be quickly deployed and put into production.

Once on site, the pipe manufacturing progresses quickly enough to allow pipe installation within four hours. Carrier says, “It’s just the most cost efficient way to produce 72” pipe in 50’ lengths. The cost to produce elsewhere and ship to the site would be incrementally more. It’s been great to have it here.”

The MOBILE PIPE® is also perfect for remote locations, or projects requiring large, continuous pipe production, such as windmill foundation forms, vertical shafts and caissons. It is also ideal for natural disaster support where immediate deployment and rebuilding is required.

Also scheduled for installation at the Newington site are 9 VortSentry units from Contech. The hydrodynamic separators will help the quality of runoff from the site and are ideally suited as BMP pretreatment devices. With the additional clearing and paved areas required for the Sam’s Club, the stormwater systems will ensure the quality of water will meet or exceed State DEP requirements before it flows into the preexisting ponds and the new detention system.

The small footprint of the VortSentry makes it an effective treatment option for the Newington project because space is at a premium and efficiency is critical. The internal bypass separates high flows from the treatment chamber, eliminating washout.

Technical Description:

  • 9 VortSentry® units
  • CMP detention
  • 6000 LF of 72” diameter pipe manufactured by a MOBILE PIPE ® modular mill 

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