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Monocacy Boulevard over Carroll Creek

Frederick, Maryland

Stream Crossing


City of Frederick


Fox & Associates, Inc.


CJ Miller


October 2011

In order to alleviate traffic in the downtown area of Frederick, Maryland, four lanes of Monocacy Boulevard were extended 7000’ on the east side of the City. The $15 million project required a bridge structure to carry vehicular traffic across Carroll Creek.

As a solution, a 83’-5.5” x 22’-10” BEBO® Arch System, 72’ in length, was selected over its competition for its speed of installation and cost savings of $500,000. The triple span arches were comprised of 108 precast concrete sections and were set into place with a crane. To complete the structure, 48 headwall units and 19 Rigid Wall wingwall panels were also installed.

“It’s the missing link of that piece to get you from I-70 up to U.S. 15,” said Zachary Kershner, Deputy Director of Engineering with the City of Frederick. “It helps to complete a route around the east side of the City. I could see it taking 50 percent of traffic off East Street during rush hour.”

Not only has this extension of Monocacy Boulevard resulted in less vehicular stress on city streets, but it has also benefited the commercial businesses and residents along the corridor due to the additional access it provides. Since the road used to be a dead end, motorists can now utilize the road as an alternative to the highly trafficked downtown area and Frederick Municipal Airport.

With continued employment growth planned in areas such as Riverside and north along the U.S. 15 corridor, the hope is that this project will allow for the creation of new job opportunities and commercial development.

Technical Description:

• Triple 83’-5.5” Span x 22’-10” Rise x 72’
Length BEBO® Arch System
• 48 Headwall Units
• 19 Rigid Wall Wingwall Panels

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