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Metropark Business Development

Rogers, Arkansas

Roadway Over Floodway


Haynes Limited


Myers Engineering


Dean Crowder Const/Crawford Const


November 2005

Commercial developer Haynes Limited specializes in commercial projects that include environmentally sensitive and sustainable development practices. Metropark Business Development, located in northwest Arkansas is a good example of that design philosophy. The Metropark development is situated between what used to be a two-lane country road and the busy I-540 highway that runs from Alma, Arkansas to Kansas City, Missouri.

Haynes wanted to create connectivity between the two well-traveled streets, New Hope Road and Walton Boulevard, leading directly to Wal-Mart’s headquarters in Bentonville, AR. At two points on the site, the new road had to cross a floodway in order to get access back to Walton Boulevard and the two-lane road. Jason Myers of Myers Engineering and Collin Haynes of Haynes Limited considered many options including concrete and precast structures until Myers discovered Contech’s weathering steel bridges online. “There were questions why we chose to install bridges like we did” said Haynes. “By using a clear span over the floodway area we provided vehicular access through and above the wetlands that would be attractive and not be visually intrusive. With this approach we estimated that 16 acres of wetlands were saved” Since the installation, there have been many favorable comments about the bridges’ design and placement. The weathering steel finish of the bridges allows them to blend nicely with the deciduous trees, especially during the fall.


Technical Description:

  • Width: 48 - ft., 39 - ft.
  • Span: 93 - ft., 40 - ft.
  • Style: Capstone®
  • Finish: Weathering Steel
  • Decking: Concrete

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