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Los Lagos at Palmas del Mar

Humacao, Puerto Rico


Desarrollos Urbanos, Inc.


Osvaldo Rivera & Associates


CMTD Contractor


July 2008

A bridge crossing was needed for the primary entrance to Los Lagos at Palmas del Mar, an exclusive private housing development.

Desarrollos Urbanos Inc., the project developer, contacted Contech to find a bridge product alternative. They needed an economical and architectural product that was aesthetically pleasing in order to blend in with the surroundings of the development. Durability was also essential as a portion of the structure would be exposed to saltwater.

Three Aluminum Structural Plate Pipe Arches were chosen for the project because they offered unparalleled durability, design strength and speed of construction. With a combination of light weight material and a variety of shape and size options, an Aluminum Structural Plate fit the project’s need.

Aluminum Structural Plate weighs 1/50 as much as reinforced concrete pipe, reducing assembly and equipment costs and allowing for easy handling of long preassembled structures. The bridge system was also modular, resulting in reduced overall project costs, delays and detours.

CMTD Contractor installed two 12-ft.-7-in. x 7-ft.-5-in. pipe arch spans for the outer two structures and a 16-ft.-9-in. x 10-ft.-8-in. span for the center structure.

Keystone Country Manor modular concrete system was used for the headwalls, providing the aesthetic and durable solution that Desarrollos Urbanos, Inc. required.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 12-ft.-7-in. 16-ft. -9-in.
  • Rise: 7-ft.-5-in. 10-ft. - 8-in.
  • Length: 45 LF, 45 LF
  • Products: Aluminum Structural Plate, Pipe Arch, Keystone Country Manor

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