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Longpoint Apartments

Houston, Texas


Mid-America Apartment Communities


Jones | Carter


Total Site Inc


March 2020

Technical Description:

  •  4,029' of  84” Aluminized Steel Type 2 

Long Point Apartments is located on Long Point Road in Houston, Texas. When completed, the project will consist of seven buildings, 308 garden-style apartments, 102 semi-attached garages, ten detached carports, a leasing/amenity Center with custom pool, an on-site dog park. 

The site constraints for this multi-family site did not allow for traditional detention methods, so an underground solution was needed. Engineers chose to work with Contech on this project based on our ability to provide an economical solution to meet their strict site constraints and avoid landscaping conflicts.

The site had a large detention volume of 155,012 CF split between two separate systems, the South and North parking fields. The South parking field system consists of 2,992 LF of 84” Aluminized Type2 CMP, and the North Parking Field consisting of 1,037LF of 84” Aluminized Type2 CMP. The system was designed with extra fittings and bulkheads to avoid conflict with the proposed landscape (trees planted within the footprint of the system.

The installation of this massive underground stormwater detention system was completed in 3 weeks by Total Site Inc. 

Technical Description:

  •  4,029' of  84” Aluminized Steel Type 2 

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