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Livonia West Ecommerce Center

Livonia, Michigan


Ashley Capital Inc




Angelo Iafrate Construction Company

Oliver / Hatcher Construction


March 2017

Technical Description:

(6) Vortechs Hydrodynamic Separators

The industrial corridor of Livonia, Michigan, is attractive to developers and manufacturers alike for its strategic location and convenient access to M-14, I-96 & I-275 freeways. The Livonia West Commerce Center was the former site of the GM Livonia Spring and Bumper Plant, which had sat empty since the late 1990s and was leveled in 2001. The facility had a variety of environmental hazards associated with the site. Ashley Capital constructed a new distribution center for large ecommerce company consisting of just over one million square feet and employs over 1,000 people.

Because of the regulations, a stormwater treatment device was needed to treat stormwater flowing at a rate of 130 cubic feet per second. The Contech’ s Vortechs hydrodynamic separator was selected due to the durability of the 8,000 psi concrete structure, the shallow footprint, and the assistance Contech provides with design and installation.

Contech provided detailed drawings and installation estimates to help the contractor prepare accurate submittals used in the design and approval phase with regulatory agencies. Contech also assisted with coordinating the material delivery with the contractor to take advantage of just-in-time delivery.

This site was fraught with many disadvantages due to remnants left behind from its previous use. The demolition of the former structures had left many unknown soil and ground conditions buried below the surface. In addition to the environmental challenges, the client had an aggressive nine-month construction schedule. Contech worked quickly to produce detailed drawings and calculations.

Once the final design was completed and approved, installation took place over three weeks using cranes with straps to set the six Vortechs units in position and backfill the units with MDOT Class II Sand. A conveyance system was constructed to allow water to flow through each Vortechs unit at the same flow rate allowing the entire 10-year event could be treated.

Contech reduced the cost of the stormwater treatment system, provided a reliable and durable solution with ease of installation, and supported the contractors throughout the entire installation process. The completed project put the previously contaminated site back into productive use.

Technical Description:

(6) Vortechs Hydrodynamic Separators

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