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Live Oak Cinema

Live Oak, Texas


MBC Engineers


Yantis Corporation



For a movie theater to be successful, you need to have plenty of parking. As the amount of parking increases, so does the amount of impervious cover.

One way to combat the amount of water that must be stored from post development with a restricted amount of land is to utilize an underground detention system.

That is exactly what MBC Engineers designed for their client when faced with that very dilemma.

They utilized 9 barrels of 96-in. diameter Galvanized CMP to meet the amount of storage required for the site conditions, while the smaller diameter pipes collected the stormwater runoff.

The pipe was manufactured using 20-ft. long joints, allowing the contractor to minimize their installation time, thus increasing the savings to the contractor.

CMP systems provide almost limitless opportunities to match individual site requirements while lowering site development costs. Variable sizing, material economy, faster installation, and durability combine to make CMP detention systems an economical method for controlling stormwater runoff.



Technical Description:

  • CMP Detention - Galvanized Steel CMP
  • 96-ft. – 1,175 LF
  • 36-in. – 607 LF
  • 30-in. – 570 LF
  • 24-in. – 100 LF

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