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Lake Como Orange County Public Schools

Orange County, Florida


Orange County Public Schools


Klima Weeks


Williams Company/Briar Development Company


April 2018

Technical Description:

3,000 LF of 78” perforated Aluminized Steel Type 2

Originally opened in 1951, Lake Como Elementary was being redeveloped into a new K-8 school near the historic Lake Como and Lancaster Park neighborhoods.  The old school was demolished and renovated to accommodate a larger student population.

Originally a K-5 school, the larger building incorporates 154,255 square feet yet sits on the same 12-acre parcel as the original school which limited the space for a detention system.  The detention design comprised 3000 F of 78” perforated aluminized steel pipe.  The material and large diameter represented significant cost savings and reduced stone quantities by 40% compared to a competing chamber system.

Contech provided additional value by working with the engineer to provide all the calculations needed to size the system.  Installation went smoothly, with the contractor averaging installation of 600 LF of pipe a day which included the backfill operation.

The system is located beneath the school soccer / football field.  Special consideration was given to allow space for installation of a future irrigation system and location of inspection cleanouts away from the field of play.  The system provides 140,588 CF of storage and has a design service life of 100-years, so it will be there when the next school renovation begins. 

Technical Description:

3,000 LF of 78” perforated Aluminized Steel Type 2

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