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Kentucky River

Frankfort, Kentucky


City of Frankfort City of Frankfort


McGill Construction


October 2003

Technical Description:

  • Product: 24-in. A-Jacks®
  • Units: 300

In February of 2003, strong storms and record water levels brought severe damage to the banks of the Kentucky River. The damage resulted in a large sycamore tree being ripped away from the bank of the river. This 150-ft. tall, 5-ft. diameter tree weighed over 12 tons. The cavity left by its removal produced certain future structural damage to an adjacent city arcade.

Frankfort’s Department of Public Works selected A-Jacks as the solution to the future erosion of the 90-ft. embankment from the river to the parking lot above. The tree was removed and a receiving trench was dug in preparation for the 4-3-2-1 engineered matrices of 24-in. A-Jacks units. Filter fabric was laid on a 12-in. bedding layer of crushed stone after which the A-Jacks were placed. As a final step, the receiving trench was manually backfilled with native soils from the trench excavation. The entire project took only three days to complete. Frankfort city officials were pleased at the level of performance and erosion control provided by A-Jacks as well as its ease of installation.


Technical Description:

  • Product: 24-in. A-Jacks®
  • Units: 300

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