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Keith Harrow Boulevard

Harris County, Texas


Harris County Precinct 3


Manley Consultants


Triple B Services, L.L.P.



Technical Description:

  • Products Used:
  • A-2000™ PVC Pipe for Storm Sewers and Drainage

Harris County adopted a special specification for Contech A- 2000 PVC Pipe for storm sewers and drainage systems. For years, Harris County experienced performance issues with reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) related to infiltration through joints in the mainline and at field connections.

In the Keith Harrow Boulevard project, the engineering and construction departments of Harris County recognized the significant competitive and performance benefits provided by the inclusion of A-2000 - a pipe originally developed for the sanitary market that comes with airtight joints.

Although approved for use in the City of Houston for years, this is the first installation of A-2000 storm drainage pipe for a Harris County capital improvement project. The project consists of 1500 linear feet of 24-in. diameter A-2000 installed both under the roadway and within the median.

One Harris County Field Engineer said of the project, “The A-2000 comes in longer sections than RCP and installation was fast and efficient”

A-2000 is a high performance profile wall PVC sanitary and storm sewer pipe. The pipe’s efficient design, long lengths and air tight bell and spigot design make it an ideal, higher-performing alternative to RCP on public and private projects. A-2000 is available in 6” thru 36” diameter for storm and sanitary applications.


Technical Description:

  • Products Used:
  • A-2000™ PVC Pipe for Storm Sewers and Drainage

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