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Starbucks - Buda Texas

Buda, Texas




WGI Austin 


Joe Brown Construction


July 2019

Technical Description:

  • (2) Jellyfish® Filters

The construction of a new Starbucks in Buda, Texas, necessitated the need for a stormwater treatment BMP

This site is located within the Edwards Aquifer recharge and contributing zone.  The aquifer is the drinking water source for the city of San Antonio and surrounding central Texas communities. Because it is a karst aquifer, fractures, caves, sinking streams, and sinkholes act as conduits to the aquifer from the surface. While this means that the aquifer recharges quickly after a rain event, it also means that any surface pollution from stormwater runoff or spills will directly impact the water quality of the aquifer, possibly impairing drinking water and affecting the sensitive ecosystem. As such, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requires 80% TSS removal of stormwater over the Edwards Aquifer.  

To meet these requirements, engineers selected the Jellyfish filter. With an approved 86% TSS removal efficiency, it provided an efficient, subsurface option to meet the TCEQ stormwater quality requirements. To assist the engineer, Contech preparing TSS load removal calculations and site-specific details.

Two Jellyfish Peak Diversion vaults were installed to treat runoff before it is conveyed to two detention ponds. The site was shallow, so the first Jellyfish was configured in an 8’ x 6’ vault configuration that houses six, 54” high-flow cartridges and one drain-down cartridge. The vault is equipped with a trench cover hatch to ensure adequate accessibility for inspection and maintenance. The second Jellyfish is an 8’ x 8’ vault that contains ten, 54” high-flow cartridges and two drain-down cartridges. 

Technical Description:

  • (2) Jellyfish® Filters

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