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Jasonway Ave Flood Control

Columbus, Ohio


City of Columbus


Columbus Engineering Consultants


Savko & Sons


April 25, 2008

The City of Columbus needed to prevent flooding between residential apartment buildings along Jasonway Avenue while maintaining stream flow through the development. The original design called for cast-in-place concrete retaining walls with a conventional cantilever design. However, the timeline was critical and tough winter conditions made it challenging to work around the live stream.

Site constrictions were also a concern because of the stream’s proximity to the apartment buildings. After speaking with a Contech representative, Columbus Engineering Consultants sought approval from the City to use a precast wall system. Utilizing CON/SPAN® precast wall sections enabled a faster construction time and allowed excavators to handle and install the materials with ease.

Segmental precast footers and wall sections were installed in a fashion that minimized the exposure to unforeseen weather and other variables.

“It was a major advantage utilizing the CON/SPAN precast foundation and wall systems over conventionally designed cast-in-place retaining walls” said Scott Ingram, Project Manager for Savko and Sons, Inc. “Installing the precast system provided a major time savings which was instrumental when working in a stream environment and dealing with the winter weather”


Technical Description:

  • Maximum Height: 14 ft
  • Minimum Height: 6 ft
  • Foundation Width: 2 ft - 6 in
  • Foundation Depth: 3 ft
  • Total Length: 616 ft

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