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Intercounty Connector

Montgomery County, Maryland


Maryland State Highway Administration, Maryland Transportation Authority


Parsons Corporation, Jacobs Engineering


Granite, Wagman & Corman Construction


Contract A, 2008-2010

The first segment of MD Route 200, the Intercounty Connector (ICC) project, is under construction to connect development areas between the I-270/I-370 and I-95/ US-1 corridors in Montgomery County, Maryland. This first phase, a $460 million highway project, consists of approximately 7.2 miles of six-lane tolled roadway with the construction of ramps, bridges, retaining walls, drainage and stormwater facilities.

in significant scheduling and cost

The purpose of the federally funded ICC project is to increase community mobility and safety, provide cost effective transportation infrastructure, help restore the natural, human and cultural environments and advance homeland security. Sponsored by the Maryland State Highway Administration and Maryland Transportation Authority, this design-build project will result savings and have minimal impact on the local community.

“Protecting the environment is a first-order priority of the ICC project” said State Highway Administrator Neil J. Pedersen. “Every activity is assessed through the potential impact on the environment”

With this goal of protecting the environment from developmental impacts, bridges that would reduce ground level effects and protect the streams, wetlands and flood plains were essential as was the need to create animal crossings to reduce the impact on wildlife.

Two 228’ long BEBO® precast concrete arch structures with precast headwalls and wingwalls were utilized as stream crossings. The shape of the BEBO structures produces large, open bottoms to span the wetlands and streams with little or no impact to the river bed or surrounding environment. MULTI-PLATE® structures were also used for stream crossings with adjacent cells utilized as deer and wildlife passages. The wildlife tunnels will serve as protection for the animals as well as improving the safety of traveling motorists.

The project runs through one of the most undeveloped areas in Central Maryland. Therefore, a major requirement for the state was to ensure effective stormwater management. To address water quantity requirements, an underground, large-diameter corrugated metal pipe (CMP) detention system was installed. The system temporarily detains, and then slowly releases runoff from the bridge. Water quantity requirements were met by installing an 8’ x 24’ precast vault configuration of the Stormwater Management StormFilter®. This is one of the first instances that the StormFilter was approved for use on a SHA project and it has paved the way for future State Highway facilities.

Tensar geogrid was used to enhance subgrade strength, support the extreme loads and help prevent rutting from the constant passage of equipment on the haul roads. In addition, thousands of feet of CMP and ULTRA FLO® SRP were utilized as temporary and permanent culvert crossings beneath the haul roads and for parallel animal crossings.

ICC is well on its way towards achieving their goals. The first phase of this project is slated to open in late 2010 and the remaining phases should be complete in 2012.

Technical Description:

  • BEBO
  • Tensar
  • CMP
  • StormFilter
  • Ultra Flo

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