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I-90 Railroad Underpass

Tilford, South Dakota


South Dakota Dept. of Transportation


South Dakota Dept. of Transportation


Heavy Constructors


April 2008

The SDDOT’s I-90 renovation project began in February 2008. The project included grading of eastbound and westbound lanes and realignment of the westbound lanes to provide greater median separation.

Construction work on the highway project called for extension of a SUPER-SPAN structure spanning Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern Railroad (DM&E) tracks. The 54’ extension of the 38’ span high profile arch tunnel would allow the DOT to change the alignment of the westbound lanes above as needed.

“The original SUPER-SPAN structure (built in 1981) provided an economical and practical solution for spanning this severely skewed railroad crossing of I-90,” said Kevin Goeden, PE, Chief Bridge Engineer for SDDOT. “It has served us well over the years and made the decision to extend in-kind at this site an easy one.”

In spite of severe weather, the extension project was completed in less than a month. Use of MULTI-PLATE units allowed crews to simply bolt the pieces to the original structure. This helped avoid need for demolition of the headwall and the time and cost associated with the extra work. Heavy Constructor crews were able to work around the active DM&E railroad tracks throughout construction as well.

The structure was completed with Bin-Wall™ Type 2 headwalls and wingwalls. The economical, gravity-type retaining walls are easy to install in difficult or restrictive conditions.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 38 ft
  • Rise: 23 ft - 6 in
  • Length: 52 ft

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