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I-88 Bridge Replacement

Sidney, New York


New York State Dept. of Transportation


New York State Dept. of Transportation


C.P. Ward


August 9, 2006

In a push to find a quick culvert solution after severe storms completely collapsed part of Interstate-88, NYSDOT hired general contractor C.P. Ward to construct a concrete replacement structure. Originally, a temporary bridge was considered for the solution. However, further investigations showed that a permanent precast concrete bridge installed on an emergency basis could be completed just as quickly and lead to a more effective long-term solution.

The process went at a rapid pace. The storms washed out the interstate and the culvert on June 27. Three days later, NYSDOT contacted Contech and teams met on July 5 to discuss the quickest, most efficient solution. NYSDOT approved the CON/SPAN® standard interior arch sections in just three days, allowing work to begin immediately.

Site and harsh weather conditions were continuing challenges during installation. C.P. Ward also had to deviate from their original plan to use a track crane and work down the middle of the stream bed, when no crane was available for immediate use. Crews set the pieces from outside of the channel, lifting sections by crane and placing them on cast-in-place pedestal walls.

NYSDOT officials had originally given a target date of early fall, but C.P. Ward was confident the westbound side of the interstate could be opened by Labor Day weekend. Crew members worked in two shifts, seven days a week in order to get three years of work completed in a single summer.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 42 ft
  • Rise: 12 ft
  • Length: 300 ft

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