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I-80/94 Outfall IDOT Kingery Expressway

Lansing, Illinois


Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT)


Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT)





Technical Description:

  • Product Used:
  • CDS® Twin PSWC56_40

Recently, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) initiated design for the reconstruction of I-80 (Kingery Expressway) from I-294 to the Illinois/Indiana state line. The Kingery Expressway no longer met current engineering standards and was in need of major reconstruction.

The 50+ year old expressway has surpassed its original design by more than 30 years. Since it opened, the average daily traffic has multiplied to seven times what the expressway was originally built to handle.

The Kingery is currently handling approximately 160,000 vehicles each day, with more than a quarter of all traffic being large trucks. The average daily traffic count is projected to grow to 192,000 vehicles per day by 2020.

To improve conditions for motorists, the reconstruction of the Kingery set out to increase the number of lanes in each direction. This change matched the proposed improvements by INDOT to the east and the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority to the west. IDOT also reconstructed a one mile segment of I-80 in Indiana due to staging needs.

The Challenge

The Kingery was originally built with a deep main drain and used pumping stations to discharge the water. These pumping stations screened the water for items that would damage the pumps. As a result, the discharge contained few floatables or other debris.

However, the scope of the reconstruction included raising the Kingery to eliminate the pump stations. As a result, the water would no longer pass through the automated trash racks. IDOT needed a solution to continue treating the water.

Technical Description:

  • Product Used:
  • CDS® Twin PSWC56_40

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