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I-15 Bluff Street

St. George, Utah


Utah Department of Transportation


Utah Department of Transportation


Wadsworth Brothers, Cindy Taylor Trucking


Summer 2008

Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) needed a drainage solution for I-15 Bluff Street. The long lay lengths and light weight of SmoothCor Double Wall pipe from Contech provided for a quicker and more economical drainage pipe versus concrete.

The job required a 96 to 72” wye reducer with a manhole riser which was fabricated and delivered to the jobsite.

The exterior shell and smooth steel liner, both polymeric coated, provided the strength and hydraulics required to meet UDOT’s class C smooth specification. The flat neoprene gaskets were added to provide a tighter joint.

Technical Description:

  • SmoothCor Double Wall Pipe 1,500’ of 96” dia. 
  • A-2000 3,000’ of 18”, 24”, 36” dia.

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