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Hudsonville High School Bridge

Hudsonville, Michigan


Hudsonville Public Schools


GMB Architects & Engineers


Velting Contractors Inc.


June 29, 2000

A new stadium, auditorium and parking lot were added at Hudsonville High School to handle a growing student population. In order to have easy access to the school from the new parking lot, there was a need to cross Buttermilk Creek, which flowed through the school grounds. Premarc helped GMB Architects & Engineers design this aesthetically pleasing, yet very functional pedestrian bridge.

The brick façade required the precast headwall to be set 4 inches back from the face of the units and also required the use of dovetail anchors. A special notch was cut into the top ends of the outside units to accept a 4 inch thick limestone keyway stone. This 32 ft x 12 ft CON/SPAN® sat on top of a 5 ft 10 inch pedestal wall. The 20 ft high wingwalls were cast-in-place concrete with the same brick facade.


Technical Description:

  • Span: 32 ft
  • Rise: 12 ft
  • Length: 18 ft

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