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Hickory Way of Ann Abor

Ann Abor, Michigan


Avalon Housing 


Macon Engineering 


Site Development


November 2019

Technical Description:

  •  710' of 72" Perforated Aluminized Steel Type2

A vacant site off Maple Avenue was selected for the 70-unit Hickory Way apartment complex in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  The housing complex was designed for low-income housing, which is in high demand in Ann Arbor. Construction on phase one began in 2019, and the first 34 affordable apartments should be ready for occupants in 2020. 

Underground detention was required to capture runoff from the new building’s roof and other impervious surfaces and to meet the stringent regulatory requirements of the City of Ann Arbor.  Also, as the site was small, trailers and other equipment would need to sit over the detention system during construction that would take place over two years. 

The system was designed with 710 feet of 72 inch perforated, aluminized, corrugated metal pipe (CMP), providing 20,104 CF of storage within the pipe for both detention and infiltration. 

CMP was the best material as it provided the required structural strength and access for maintenance needed at this site. During construction phases, equipment and other materials needed to be stored over the system.  The detention area was also the first portion of stormwater to be collected at the site, as access and cleaning of the system was required City personnel during the phased construction process.

Since the project has multiple phases, the ability to extend the system in Phase II was required. Each of the systems will be installed separately but will be connected to provide both detention and infiltration. 

The underground detention system provided by Contech was easy to install and fit like a glove.  Installation took place over one week using excavators, and the system was back filled with clean crushed aggregate. The system could be inspected during and after installation and it allowed for materials storage over the system, something the owner and engineer required.

“We like working with Contech as they know what they are doing, and if I call them, they show up and take care of us,” said Frank Abbass, Project Superintendent for Site Development of Madison Heights, MI. “If we need a small band, they take care of us on the same day.  We were pleased with the outcome of the project."

Technical Description:

  •  710' of 72" Perforated Aluminized Steel Type2

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