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Hayden Run Road / Cosgray Road

Hilliard, Ohio


Franklin County Engineer




Shelly and Sands, Inc.


Summer 2007

Technical Description:

  • Span: 32 ft, 32 ft
  • Rise: 10 ft - 7 in, 9 ft
  • Length: 133 ft, 145 ft

By utilizing a “Pay as We Grow” program, Franklin County updated the intersection of Hayden Run Road and Cosgray Road. The intersection upgrade became necessary once construction of a housing and commercial development began nearby. Once it was determined that two structures were needed, Franklin County and the developers shared costs for the roadway improvements.

EMH&T, the consulting engineers on the project, designed a three-sided flat top box structure for each bridge including a cast in place headwall and wingwall design. Per Franklin County and ODOT specifications, it was decided that the three-sided CON/SPAN® arch could be equally substituted at the contractor’s choice because hydraulic requirements were satisfied. Shelly and Sands, Inc. submitted the project with the CON/SPAN system, including its precast headwalls and wingwalls. The 133’ long 32’ span and 145’ long 32’ span CON/SPAN arches were chosen because they were more economical than the proposed three-sided box.

In addition, precast CON/SPAN headwalls and wingwalls were provided in lieu of the cast in place option. This saved the contractor several extra days of work and material costs. Each of the structures, including the end treatments, were installed in just one day, allowing minimal road closure.

Shelly and Sands preferred the CON/SPAN system due to the cost savings and the ability to install an entire bridge in one day. Franklin County supported the substitution and worked closely with Contech during the review to ensure all structural and hydraulic considerations were met.

“Contech was able to provide two great structures that provided a nice appearance, expedited construction and helped us avoid any environmental and floodplain concerns along Faust Ditch,” stated James A. Pajk, P.E., Deputy Engineer for Franklin County.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 32 ft, 32 ft
  • Rise: 10 ft - 7 in, 9 ft
  • Length: 133 ft, 145 ft

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