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Haw Creek Hospital

Cumming, Georgia


Northside Hospital


Long Engineering, Inc.


Batson-Cook/ Sunbelt Structures/ Holbrook Myers


June 2007

To keep up with the rapid growth in the area, Northside Hospital was undergoing some major expansion plans for their facility, which included a 26-acre parking lot and a much anticipated $42.2 million Women’s Center. The expansion plan produced a need for an additional access road into the hospital that would provide an entrance from the rear of the property and span Haw Creek.

The initially proposed structure was a multiple cell box culvert. Due to potential delays associated with permitting issues, Long Engineering turned to Contech for a bottomless structure. The solution was a 33-ft.-2-in. span SUPER-SPAN™ structure designed with two elbows and concrete headwalls. The structure clear spanned the waterway, avoiding need for permits and allowing the project to progress as scheduled.

First, crews dewatered the area before forming and casting the footings. Once the footings were cured, Sunbelt began assembling the plates. After the structure was assembled, the headwalls were cast in place. Holbrook Myers then began to backfill the structure with the required graded aggregate base material. The entire process, from plate assembly to completed back filling, took less than three weeks.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 33 ft - 2 in
  • Rise 11 ft - 1 in
  • Length: 115 ft - 3 in
  • Product: SUPER-SPANTM

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