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Granary and Laurel Street Revitalization

Bellingham, Washington


City of Bellingham, WA


KPFF Consultants - Seattle


Ram Construction 


Spring 2018

Technical Description:

  • (9) Catch Basin Stormwater Management StormFilters®

The Granary Avenue and Laurel Street project involved building a new roadway through a site formerly occupied by a pulp and tissue mill on the waterfront of the City of Bellingham.

The 74 acre, heavily polluted site had sat idle for nearly 20 years. Extensive cleanup was needed to remove 500,000 cubic yards of contaminated soils and building materials from the site.  In addition, $35 million was spent on the cleanup of Whatcom Waterway. All this was done to reestablish the economic viability of Bellingham’s downtown waterfront.

The redevelopment continued with Granary Avenue and Laurel Street, which provides access to the historic Granary Building and Waypoint Park.  The Granary Building includes shops, restaurants and upper-story offices. The one-acre Waypoint Park consists of a new beach, playground, waterfront trail, industrial art and nearshore habitat. The project also included Bellingham’s first cycle track, a protected bike lane physically separated from the street, allowing bicycle movement in both directions on one side of the road.

In continuing the theme of protecting the environment, the Granary Avenue and Laurel Street design included stormwater treatment measures to protect the bay from total suspended solids (TSS) as required by the Washington State Department of Ecology.

Several years ago, the City of Bellingham selected the Contech StormFilter as the media cartridge product of choice based on its ability to meet treatment requirements and ease of maintenance. For this reason, nine Catch Basin StormFilters were installed using ZPG™ media, a proprietary blend of zeolite, perlite, and granularly activated carbon that improves the performance of perlite and target organics, soluble metals, and other pollutants.

Installation of the StormFilters went as planned and without issue.  The StormFilters are online and providing treatment from the roadway runoff before it is discharges into the bay.

Technical Description:

  • (9) Catch Basin Stormwater Management StormFilters®

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