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Fitch Plaza Retail Center

College Station , Texas


SVN Riverstone


Schultz Engineering LLC / Deven Doyen


Palasota Contracting LLC


November 2019

Technical Description:

  •  460' of 60" Aluminized Type 2
The Fitch Plaza Retail Center is a new, 7,000 square foot retail strip located in the high growth residential and retail area of South College Station, Texas.

The new facility called for a stormwater system to capture runoff from impervious surfaces. An underground storage system was needed, as there was no room for an above-ground pond.

Contech’s corrugated metal pipe (CMP) system was selected as it was able to meet the detention volume requirements in a tight footprint, was easy to install, and was the most cost-effective solution. 

Contech Stormwater Design Engineers designed the system to fit within the tight footprint under a parking lot without losing any available parking space. The system was made from 460 LF of aluminized CMP that provides 9,042 CF of storage. The system has 4, 114’ long barrels connected by a manifold on one side.

“We needed a small footprint for our stormwater system, and the Contech team helped us find the right product to fit our small commercial site needs, “ said Deven Doyen from Schultz Engineering. “They were there from design through installation of the system, making sure the system was installed and functioning correctly.  The process from design to construction fit into our project schedule seamlessly, helping us get our project complete.” 

Technical Description:

  •  460' of 60" Aluminized Type 2

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