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Fishers District – The Stations

Fishers, Indiana


Thompson Thrift


 Kimley Horn


Filson Earthwork


January 2020

Technical Description:

700 LF of 96” Aluminized Steel Type 2

Fishers District originally began its’ first phase of construction in early 2018 with the 18.13 acres site known as “The Yard.” This phase included the construction of a new mixed-use development that includes restaurants, stores, apartments, and more.

As the city of Fishers continues to expand, their utilization of land space and the protection of local waterways becomes more critical, especially as their impervious surfaces continue to grow. For these reasons, Thompson Thrift chose to utilize three separate Contech underground detention systems for the first stage of the project to manage their increased stormwater runoff without sacrificing three parking lots to above ground retention ponds. These systems were made from perforated corrugated metal pipe (CMP) ranging in size from 72”-108” diameter.

In late 2019, the second phase of construction began on “The Stations.” This phase included more mixed-use development with over 60,000 square feet of office space, townhomes, and hotels. Once again, Thompson Thrift needed to maximize usable land space and designed an underground detention system made from  96” diameter perforated CMP providing 33,930 cf of storage. Large diameter CMP was selected for the second phase of the project based on the speed of production and installation on the first phase, and that it allowed for less overall excavation and stone backfill, reducing total installed costs.

Contech worked with Thompson Thrift and Kimley Horn to optimize the design through several iterations. Different diameter sizes were considered, including larger, 108” diameter pipe. Ultimately, 96” diameter CMP was the ideal choice, as it provided an extra foot of cover vs the 108” CMP. More importantly, it allowed Contech to ship 48’ of pipe per truck vs 40’ per truck for the 108” CMP, with no need for oversized loads or drop deck trailers that would be needed for the larger pipe, resulting in substantial savings on shipping costs. It is this type of detailed cost-benefit analysts that engineers and contractors have come to rely on when working with Contech.

The installation went smoothly, with the detention system taking less than a week to install, included bed preparation, setting of the pipe, installing the HDPE liner and backfilling to grade.

Overall, the underground CMP detention system maximized the use of available land space, provided the most economical installed cost per CF of storage, and allowed Filson and Thompson Thrift to meet a very tight project schedule.

Technical Description:

700 LF of 96” Aluminized Steel Type 2

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