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El Mirage Plant Bullhead City Parkway

Bullhead City, Arizona


Bullhead City


The Kiewit Group


Spring 1993

In the spring of 1993, Bullhead City Parkway, an 11 mile bypass around the city, was developed to reduce traffic congestion in town and open up additional access for growth.

The original design for a section of road called for Reinforced Concrete Boxes. Contech Construction Products Inc recommended a solution using Multi-Plate arches instead.

Kiewit was able to install 4766 LF of Multi-Plate in 28 days that resulted in savings of both time and money. Approximately 3 to 4 months were saved on the construction schedule and Bullhead City realized a significant project savings.

Additionally, Kiewit was able to save more time and money by revisiting the geotechnical report. They were allowed to screen and process the local material on-site for backfill. The original specification required an import fill material.

The Kiewit Group, the City of Bullhead City and the local developers all directly benefited by a Contech team effort to have this project finish ahead of schedule and below budget. The Bullhead City Parkway, although installed in 1993, is still a project that all parties are very proud of.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 20-ft.-7-in., 19-ft.-3- in., 8-ft.-2-in.
  • Rise: 13-ft.-2-in., 12-ft.-4- in., 5-ft.-9-in.
  • Length: 4,766-ft.
  • Product: Multi-Plate®

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