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East Riverside Boulevard

Belvidere, Illinois


City of Belvidere


Carroll Engineering


William Charles Construction


October 2008

Technical Description:

  • Span: 14 ft (2)
  • Rise: 10 ft (2)
  • Length: 136 ft (2)

Construction along County Highway 5, a major route in a residential area, included a new alignment of the roadway with curb, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, asphalt paving, traffic signals, landscaping and a structure to cross a stream.

The City of Belvidere worked with Carroll Engineering, the project engineer, and chose a twin 14’ x 10’ CON/SPAN® Bridge System, 136’ in length for the solution because it fit the geometry of the project. The three-sided precast structure offered a number of advantages over other solutions, including a lower initial cost, high-quality precast concrete, an attractive formliner appearance and the inherent strength of arch action.

The 17 precast concrete CON/SPAN arch units were installed on cast-in-place concrete footings along with precast headwalls, wingwalls and an aesthetically pleasing formliner finish. In addition, a storm sewer stub was installed through the wingwalls to further illustrate the versatility and construction convenience of the precast headwall units.

The existing grade and location of the project proved a challenge. To address it, Carroll Engineering and Contech designed a twin cell structure with site specific geometry to accommodate the HS-20 loading. The minimal height of fill requirements also met the hydraulic considerations of the site.

William Charles Construction installed the twin CON/SPAN structure - including the arch units and wingwalls - in just one day.

“Contech can deliver a bridge that can be set and backfilled in just one day,” said Jeff Linkenheld, ARC Design Resources.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 14 ft (2)
  • Rise: 10 ft (2)
  • Length: 136 ft (2)

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