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Eagle Eye Care

Jacksonville, Florida

Stormwater Detention


Eagle Eye Care


Taylor and White Inc.


4k Construction Inc.


August 2013

Technical Description:

  • (10) Terre Arch™ 26 chambers with distribution box and end wall

The Riverside section of Jacksonville, Florida was the site of anew 5,423 square foot facility for Eagle Eye Care.

Since this was new construction, stormwater regulations called for stormwater detention. This was a challenge, as the site had a very narrow vertical section available for water storage because of a high water table and low finish grade elevation. In addition,the system was being located underneath a parking lot, so loading was a concern. The chosen solution had to meet these challenges and accommodate minimal cover.

The engineers on the project, Taylor and White, chose a Terre Arch system consisting of 10 Terre Arch 26 chambers, a distribution box, and an end wall, providing 2,900 cf of storage.Terre Arch is a modular precast concrete stormwater storage system engineered specifically for underground installation. With a load-bearing rating of HS-25, each section can support heavy gross weight trucks and machinery. In addition, Terre Arch required less cover than the plastic chamber options the engineer had been investigating.

Terre Arch is also known for its ease of installation. The entire system was installed in one day, including excavation. The installation time was controlled by how fast a truck could be offloaded. Terre Arch sections were lifted from the truck and placed directly into the excavation at their planned location.

Technical Description:

  • (10) Terre Arch™ 26 chambers with distribution box and end wall

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