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Eagle County Municipal Airport

Eagle County, Colorado


Eagle County Municipal Airport


Carter & Burgess


Kelley Trucking


June 2006

Due to increased tourism in Vail, Colorado, the surrounding airports needed to expand in order to accommodate additional air traffic. Eagle County Municipal Airport needed to extend an existing runway to support more flights to and from the area. The extension called for an upgrade to several existing sewer pipes.

Carter & Burgess originally selected a reinforced concrete box to enclose a stream beneath the runway, but the narrow trench under the runway extension proved to be a difficult construction site. After speaking with Contech, Carter & Burgess determined that a MULTI-PLATE structure would provide a faster installation that would save construction cost.

The MULTI-PLATE was designed and constructed to be buried under 102’ of cover. The structure’s design included unique key-hole shaped slots that provide a self-indexing, controlled-yield bolted joint along the structure’s longitudinal seams. This allows the seams to slip under load without any loss of seam strength.

Technical Description:

  • Diameter: 9 ft - 6 in
  • Length: 1,320 ft
  • Product: MULTI-PLATE®

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