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Dwyer Rd. Pump Station Discharge Outlet

New Orleans, Louisiana


Sewerage & Water Board/U.S. Army Corpsof Engineers


Design Engineering Inc.


March 01, 2004

Technical Description:

Span: 20 ft • Rise: 12 ft • Length: 480 ft

After repeated flooding caused by rain storms in the mid 1990s, the Sewerage and Water Board embarked upon a major rebuilding and renovation of the drainage system throughout the city of New Orleans. This outfall project, part of the Southeast Louisiana (SELA) program, was driven by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

A CON/SPAN® precast structure was designed as a discharge for the new Dwyer Road Pump Station. The 20’ wide x 12’ high CON/SPAN functions as a discharge structure, carrying pumped waters from the station to the Industrial Canal.

The three-phase project included total replacement of the pumping station to increase the capacity of the pumps and construction of new outfall and inlet drainage canals. The work was a result of citizen input requesting the improvement and expansion of the drainage system in the area. The SELA program continues throughout the city, and additional CON/SPAN structures are specified for future portions of the project.

The CON/SPAN Dwyer Road Pump Station Discharge Outlet is still in service today, as one of the few structures that survived the destructive hurricanes in 2005.

Technical Description:

Span: 20 ft • Rise: 12 ft • Length: 480 ft

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