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Deltona Commons Publix

Deltona, Florida



The Challenge

The Publix Strip Center in Deltona, Florida, was initially designed using a plastic modular storage system. Material cost proved to be too prohibitive, so the owner / developer needed to find another solution. They had to find an economic way to store 275,100 cf of water. Without an alternative, they would be forced to either scrap the project for now or give up valuable existing land.

The Solution

A large diameter corrugated metal pipe detention system was ultimately chosen for the project. Not only was the material more cost competitive versus other options, but the flexibility in fabrication of risers and manifolds also made it an excellent choice. Readily available, it was sized to easily hold the required volume in the allowable footprint. It was also a proven choice - backed by a long history of success in underground detention applications.

The Result

The CMP detention system from Contech ended up cutting material costs of initial option by over 65%.

Technical Description:

  • Products Used:
  • CMP detention
  • 3x1 Corrugated
  • Aluminized Steel Type II
  • 84-in. diameter
  • 275,100 cf of storage

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