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County Highway G

Adams County, Wisconsin


Adams County


Adams County


Adams County


August 2010

The existing duel culvert pipes that ran under County Highway G (CTH G) in Adams County, Wisconsin, were undersized and caused flooding in nearby farms during heavy rainfall.

During the reconstruction of CTH G, Adams County was looking for a structure that could be installed quickly, increase the hydraulic capacity, have a life span of 75+ years and require little to no maintenance. It was also important that the structure be cost effective so that the County could install the structure with its own crew.

Adams County contacted Contech to see if their CON/SPAN bridge system would meet the County’s requirements. After some discussion and analysis, it was determined that a 12’ span by 6’ rise by 40’ long CON/SPAN would be a perfect fit for CTH G.

The innovative, economical design and distinctive arch of the CON/SPAN structure enabled a fast, set-in-place construction and ensured an overall fast installation. Adams County used their own crews and installed five arch units, two headwalls and four wingwalls in just one day, minimizing the road closer time.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 12 ft
  • Rise: 6 ft
  • Length: 40 ft

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