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Centennial Corner

Centennial, Colorado


Woodbury Amsource GroupLLCTarcoInc./ Taylor Kohrs Construction


Kiowa Engineering Corporation



May 2, 2007

When designing a new 10-acre retail center in Centennial, Colorado, the Woodbury Amsource Group wanted to keep a common architectural theme throughout the complex. They were looking for a bridge to clear span the creek flowing through the development and act as the aesthetic centerpiece, unique to the community.

Consulting Engineer, Kiowa Engineering chose a CON/SPAN ® precast arch to satisfy the owner’s hydraulic need and aesthetic request. During storm season, Kiowa was required to keep all construction equipment away from the creek and needed a structure with a flexible installation time. Additionally, the use of the CON/SPAN minimized overall cost and time of construction.

“The CON/SPAN was the best solution for this site” said Tom Fairley of Kiowa Engineering. “Not to mention the structure added aesthetic value that made this a signature crossing for the development”

The CON/SPAN was built on H-piles and designed to carry the surcharge of the MSE retaining walls on top of the structure. A grouted rip-rap streambed featuring small pools and areas for fish passage was installed to meet the requirements for fish and wildlife passage. The entire CON/SPAN structure, including headwalls and wingwalls, was set in a day and a half.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 48 ft
  • Rise: 11 ft
  • Length: 52 ft

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