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Carnegie Avenue

Akron, Ohio

Bridge Replacement


City of Akron


City of Akron


Northern Valley Contractors


June 30, 2004

This twin-span structure is noted as one of the City of Akron’s efforts to incorporate beautification into the design of its bridges. The bridge spans the Lake Ne smith feeder channel near the Towpath Trail, which extends from Cleveland to New Philadelphia and sees thousands of visitors each year.

The Carnegie Avenue Bridge replaces an original structure lacking true sidewalks, with deteriorating curbs showing regions of cracking and separation. Areas of heavy delaminations and exposed pre-stressing strands at the top and bottom of the structure had also been previously concealed due to repeated attempts to patch the deck with asphalt.

The new structure has a width allowing for new sidewalks and was raised to ensure clearance for future boats and canoes moving from the canal area to the lake. The gas and water mains previously located on the existing bridge were relocated underground. With a unique form liner finish for the walls and headwalls, the decorative bridge provides a textured, color “stained look,” and is one of the first structures Akron visitors see from the Towpath Trail as they enter the city from the south.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 24 ft
  • Rise: 11 ft
  • Length: 40.16 ft

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