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Brookhaven Development

Union County, North Carolina


John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods


ESP Associates


Purcell Construction


August 2003

John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods provides high-end homes for developments throughout the Southeast U.S. The developer needed an aesthetically pleasing, yet functional solution for access into the Brookhaven Development, in Union County, North Carolina.

ESP Associates presented a multi-faceted solution that would provide the developer with two bridge crossings and a pedestrian underpass. The first structure combined four Aluminum Structural Plate pipe-arches, each with a 21’-6” span and a 12’-11” rise. This allowed the engineer to meet strict FEMA hydraulic requirements. Keystone’s KeySystem™ retaining wall system also met the structural requirements for the headwalls, providing cost-savings over a cast-in-place structure.

For another site in the Brookhaven development, Contech provided a 12’-1” x 11’ Aluminum Structural Plate pedestrian underpass and a 27’-3” x 10’ MULTI-PLATE® SUPER-SPAN stream crossing. Both completed structures were faced with the same finish as the largest structure. Each structure answered the need for aesthetics the owner demanded in order to help attract future residents to the community.

Technical Description:

  •   Span: 21 ft - 6 in
  • Rise: 12 ft - 11 in
  • Length: 35 ft
  • Product: Aluminum Structural Plate, SUPER-SPANTM

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