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Bradford County Reline

Lake Butler, Florida



Bradford County


Bradford County


Florida Engineered Lining


March 2012

Technical Description:

    Rather than go through a complete replacement of a deteriorating double-barreled structure with a box culvert, Bradford County,Florida began researching alternative rehabilitation methods. The site in question was located adjacent to a busy lumber company and experienced a significant amount of heavy trucking traffic. They needed to find an effective solution with minimal road closures. Bradford County determined that relining would eliminate the time, cost and safety problems that would be experienced with a complete replacement.

    Contech Engineered Solutions recommended a DuroMaxx® reline solution. With its steel reinforced polyethylene profile - it would be able to withstand the heavy loading requirements while maintaining the necessary hydraulic requirements with a 120” diameter pipe and smooth interior surface which provides a Manning’s “n” of 0.012.

    Two runs of the DuroMaxx pipe were inserted into the existing, dewatered, 144” diameter pipe for a total of 80 LF. The joints were fusion welded to meet the watertight joint requirements of ASTM D3212. Once the pipes were connected and placed onto the skids, the contractor, Florida Engineered Lining, was able to slide the lightweight pipe right in and begin the grouting process.

    Using a grout having a fluid unit weight that didn’t exceed 70 pcf, the contractor, Florida Engineered Lining, pumped the grout into the annular space surrounding the DuroMaxx pipe at a rate of 100 cy/day.

    With minimal traffic disruption and no road closure, Bradford County was pleased with the ease of installation. The existing structure was completely relined and grouted within one week.

    John Fernandez with Florida Engineered Lining stated, “DuroMaxx slipline pipe went in so fast that it took longer to clean and prep the host pipe than it did to install the liner.”

    Technical Description:

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