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BJ’s Warehouse

Madison Heights, Michigan


Madison Heights Owner, LLC


Stonefield Engineering & Design


Simone of Sterling Heights, MI.


June 2019

Technical Description:

  • 1,670' of 84" inch Aluminized Steel Type 2

BJ's Warehouse selected an abandoned K-Mart as the location of a new store in Madison Heights, Michigan. The location was ideal, as it was within easy access of I-696, and it was an area the City wanted to refurbish.  The site was required to hold a 100-year rain event as the site's original design did not have provisions for stormwater control and release.

The site geotechnical report showed that groundwater was located approximately 4 feet below the existing grade, making stormwater infiltration unfeasible.  Corrugated metal pipe (CMP) was the material of choice for underground storage based on the numerous pipe diameters available and Contech's ability to provide detailed engineering calculations and drawings.

Contech provided buoyancy calculations and installation estimates to help the engineer better analyze the site and identify a system that would fit within the available area. The final design consisted of 1,670 feet of 84-inch diameter solid wall, Aluminized CMP with neoprene gaskets. The system used eight, 206 feet long barrels, and the total system footprint was 78 feet wide by 206 feet long, with approximately 3 feet of cover. Due to the high groundwater conditions, Contech engineers incorporated anti-buoyancy devices into the system.

The project was fast-tracked, with Simone Contracting providing numerous budget estimates and relaying the information back to the engineer responsible for providing a design that met the City of Madison Heights requirements.  The high groundwater also provided some unique solutions with regards to site dewatering, material backfill, and allowing the site to drain adequately. The project also required that both the building and underground infrastructure be completed simultaneously, so coordination of efforts was required to maintain access to the site.

The detention system was easy to install, with the pieces fitting like a glove and matching the shop drawings.  The system could be inspected during and after installation and installed quickly, which both the owner and engineer expected.

Installation took place over four weeks using excavators to dig to the required invert, add pipe, gaskets and two-piece bands for the joints, and using a small dozer to place stone between pipe barrels and compact the materials to project specifications.

"We like working with Contech as they know what they are doing and if we call them, they show up and take care of us.  If we have an issue, they take care of us on the same day or the day after.  We were very pleased with the final outcome of the project," said Jeff Finley, Project Superintendent for Simone Companies.

Technical Description:

  • 1,670' of 84" inch Aluminized Steel Type 2

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