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Bellewood Golf Club

Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Stormwater Infiltration


Bellewood Golf Club


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April 2013

Located in Pottstown, PA, the Bellewood Golf Club provides a private, complete, and fulfilling recreational experience surrounding the simple pleasures of golf, swimming and fine dining.

One of the main attractions at the Bellewood is the swim club. The club features three heated swimming pools, splash park, an outdoor covered restaurant/bar pavilion, activity center and fire pit. An addition to the swim club required additional stormwater measures to meet regulatory requirements. Infiltration was chosen, as it is a preferred method of stormwater management in Pennsylvania.

The challenge was to provide the required volume in the limited footprint provided. An infiltration system using plastic crates was initially selected for the project. Contech presented an alternative solution that could provide the required volume in the limited footprint and reduce installation time and costs – Terre Arch™.

Terre Arch is a modular, multi-chambered, precast concrete stormwater storage system that is engineered for underground installation. Terre Arch utilizes a proven arch design to provide a simple solution for stormwater detention and retention-recharge. No other concrete system can match Terre Arch’s ease of installation. With a properly excavated and prepared base, a Terre Arch can be set every five minutes; with installation of up to 50,000 ft³ of storage in 1 day, including cover and backfill. And with a load-bearing rating of HS-25, each section can support heavy gross weight trucks and machinery with minimal cover, allowing installation equipment direct access to the site during installation, dramatically reducing installation time and labor.

“We selected the Contech Terre Arch system to provide time savings and cost savings for the client who was on a strict deadline and budget for the summer opening of the Bellewood Golf Club’s Swim Club”, said Eric Feigenheimer, Staff Engineer at Nave Newell. “Contech’s assistance throughout the whole project from value engineer to installation was tremendously valuable and made using the TA for future projects a simple choice.”

Technical Description:

  • (31) Terre Arch 48 chambers
  • (2) Distribution boxes
  • (2) Pair of capping slabs

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