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Storm Sewer






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October 2013

Technical Description:

  • Product: HEL-COR® ALT2 CMP
  • Diameter: 42-in., 48-in, and 60-in.
  • Length: 26,800 LF

As a part of Mexico’s Transport and Communications Infrastructure Investment Program 2013-2018, the development of the infrastructure is viewed as a fundamental element to achieve a modern and progressive country. This improvement process includes roads, railways, ports, airports and telecommunications that will help to reinforce Mexico as an emerging economic power in the 21st Century.

To help with this strategic initiative, several remote areas in the country have begun building up their roads and transportation areas to help accelerate economic activity and aid in the heavy construction necessary to further the development.

In order to reach one of these remote locations, the Empresa ICA selected Contech CCP Pipe Mexico to help implement a cost-effective, manufacturing solution. Utilizing Contech’s MOBILE PIPE® Mill, they were able to produce over 25,000 linear feet of Contech’s HEL-COR® corrugated metal pipe in 42-inch, 48-inch and 60-inch diameters and install right there for a practical and effective storm sewer solution. The ability to produce and install on site was a great advantage in meeting the project’s 4-6 month install deadline as the closest manufacturing facility was over 300 miles away and having to deal with manufacturing off-site and determining effective logistic strategies to the site would have severely hampered the designated project deadlines.

The structural capabilities of the pipe was also important as the pipe would be buried with a cover of over 125 feet. HEL-COR comes in a wide variety of gages , long lengths and its strength can handle fill heights in excess of 100 feet. Given the local technical support that Contech also provided, the entire project was an overall success.

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Technical Description:

  • Product: HEL-COR® ALT2 CMP
  • Diameter: 42-in., 48-in, and 60-in.
  • Length: 26,800 LF

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