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Ashton Road Bridge

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


City of Philadelphia


City of Philadelphia/Penn DOT


AP Construction Company


April 2, 1993

The City of Philadelphia needed to replace an existing 20- foot cast-in-place arch on Ashton Road and chose a CON/ SPAN® Bridge System from Contech. for the solution.

To maintain traffic flow throughout construction, the structure was installed in two stages. Live load testing was done on the Stage 2 structure as soon as backfill was brought to a depth of one foot above the arch crown, before any pavement was in place. The structure showed such small response to live loading at this stage that a planned second live load test was dropped, and pavement was placed to the final grade as soon as backfilling was completed. PennDOT observed structural movement and soil pressures for 18 months after construction was completed, fully validating CON/SPAN®’s design and construction.

The Ashton Road Bridge was a successful solution for the City and won a PCI Design Award for Excellence.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 36 ft
  • Rise: 11 ft
  • Length: 52 ft

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