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Staying Grounded

Last month, I was excited to present in a national webinar focusing on efficient design of storm sewer systems.  As part of the content, I shared a pipe technology that can be used as underground storage tanks for contaminated runoff and sanitary sewer – this information sparked several questions in the post webinar survey pertaining to floatation

The Case for Lightweight Fills in Reline Applications

Relining existing pipes and culverts is becoming an increasingly popular means of addressing aging utilities.  The advantages of sliplining include the following: Minimal disruption of traffic Cost-effective in many cases when compared to replacement Potentially faster project completion Lower environmental impact versus replacementConventional

Designing Manufactured Treatment Devices with Maintenance in M...

Manufactured Treatment Devices (MTD's) are similar to non-proprietary stormwater BMP's in that they must be maintained so they perform as intended. However, the majority of effort and focus are typically placed upon the initial design and construction of stormwater treatment facilities, with little thought as to how these systems will be maintained

Examining Stone Void Space Part 2: How To Minimize the Relianc...

In part one of this series (Is 40% a Reliable Number?), we examined new research that showed the generally accepted number of 40% porosity (also hereby referred to as “stone voids”, and “void space”) within the stone backfill as available storage might not be a reliable number. To obtain a 96% reliability in stone storage, 36% stone void storage