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A Balancing Act

As engineers in the pipe industry, we see the results of a lot of pipe projects.  Fortunately, the vast majority of the installations are successful and result in round pipes that are well supported by the backfill around them.  However, occasionally pipe installations don’t follow the recommended techniques and result in distorted pipes.Although

The Value of Profile Wall Flexible Pipes When Raw Material Co...

Over the past 12 months, the entire construction industry has experienced unprecedented raw material increases in both underground piping and vertical building. With some products, raw materials costs have tripled. In addition to these exponentially rising material costs, raw material availability for thermoplastic resin has been limited in many

12” of Cover? That’s it?

As previously discussed in our “Construction Cover vs. Post Construction Cover” blog post, the total cover required for a system is the combination of the pavement, measured from the bottom of flexible pavement or top of rigid pavement, the granular road base, and the backfill material. But is 12” really enough post construction cover for your CMP

What’s the Difference? Construction Cover vs Post Construction...

If you’ve ever been confused about the cover requirements over underground detention systems, you’re not alone.  Why do the requirements change during construction vs. post-construction? Let’s break it down. What is Underground Detention System Cover?First, let’s start by defining what cover is so that we’re all on the same page. Cover is